Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Global Sales Have Yet To Top One Million Units

Samsung isn't afraid to take risks on occasion, like when it began selling smartphones with screens so big that people began referring to them as phablets. The South Korean handset maker proved there was a market for these devices, but is the same true for its Galaxy Note Edge and its curved edge screen that wraps around the side?

That's yet to be determined. According to a report from Korean publication DT, Samsung has only sold 630,000 Galaxy Note Edge devices around the world so far. That's a long way from the 1 million mark, and far less than the 4.5 million Galaxy Note 4 handsets that were sold within its first month of availability, though it is just enough to indicate that there's some interest, or at least a bit of curiosity.

Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has to figure out what to make of those numbers. On one hand, 630,000 is hardly anything to brag about, though it's worth considering that it's a new type of device with its curved edge screen -- there's nothing else like it in the market.

The other reason this matters is because Samsung recently teased a picture of what's presumed to be the Galaxy S6, which it will unveil at its Unpacked Event in Barcelona next month. You can see a curved edge in the picture, leading to speculation that the Galaxy S6 may adopt the same curved edge display that the Galaxy Note Edge has. It's not clear if Samsung is also planning to release a standard display version, but either way, it's taking a risk on its next flagship phone.