Samsung Posts 'Curved' Teaser Image Of Galaxy S6, Announces March 1 Reveal

Samsung has confirmed that its Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event will take place on March 1 in Barcelona. It's there that the company will reveal its next Galaxy device, presumably the Galaxy S6, with Samsung teasing an image of the handset on its website and on Twitter. Not much is visible in the photos, save for a distinct curve.

It's really just an outline on top of a black background, however Samsung revealed just enough to make comparisons to its Galaxy Note Edge. This would suggest that the Galaxy S6 will sport the same type of curved display, which wraps around the side of the handset. Here's a look at the Galaxy Note Edge:

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Notice the silver bezel that runs along the side and then curves up on both ends of the device. Now take a look at Samsung's teaser image:

Samsung Galaxy Tease

Samsung's teaser photo appears to show a similar style phone, just at a different angle. If you're still having trouble seeing it, check it out side-by-side with a rendered photo by Twitter user Hamad A. Alajmi:

While it appears the Galaxy S6 will have a curved display like the Galaxy Note Edge, what's less obvious is whether or not it will be an optional SKU. It's possible that Samsung releases two versions of its next flagship phone, just as Apple launched two iPhone 6 models, as it can ill-afford to alienate loyal Galaxy S series fans who might not want that kind of display.

There's also the question of what processor will be inside. Samsung reportedly rejected Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 chip due to overheating issues and is planning to use its own Exynos chips, though there are also reports that Qualcomm is working on a revised version of its Snapdragon part for Samsung.