Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Fire Investigation Results To Be Made Public Later This Month

It has now been over two months since Samsung issued a global recall for its fire prone Galaxy Note 7 handset and there is still no explanation as to what was causing the batteries in affected units to overheat. That is important information, both for Samsung and the general public who want reassurance this was a one time thing. Well, good news—Samsung apparently wrapped up its investigation and will make its findings public later this month.

We will have to take Samsung's word on its findings, at least initially. Once it explains exactly what caused some Galaxy Note 7 handsets to overheat and explode, there could be third-party investigations into the matter to corroborate Samsung's conclusion. That is also important, because Samsung's initial sleuthing into the matter led the company to believe that the battery itself was the culprit, and that sourcing them from a different manufacturer would resolve the issue. Instead, overheating continued to be a problem with the replacement handsets Samsung sent out before it recalled all Galaxy Note 7 devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

"The task of finding the cause of the explosion has been completed recently," a Samsung official said, according to Korea's JoongAng Daily . He added that the "relevant departments have begun preparations to release the results later this month."

The official stopped short of disclosing what exactly the issue was, as only a handful of people in the company are privy to the true cause. However, Samsung will now get busy formulating an official statement on the matter. Whether or not it addresses followup questions remains to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This is an incident Samsung can't put behind it fast enough. It was reported at the end of October that Samsung expected profits for its third quarter to slide 30 percent as a result of costs associated with the recall. The silver lining for Samsung is that customers did not lose confidence in the company and jump ship. Most Galaxy Note 7 owners ended up getting another Samsung branded handset.

Once the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is full in Samsung's rear view mirror, it can look ahead to the Galaxy S8, its next flagship device, along with another phablet to fill the void left by the Note 7.