Some Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Reportedly Still Plagued With Battery Issues

Samsung has had to deal with one heck of a headache following the launch of its top-end Galaxy Note7 smartphone. From lost property to a global recall, the whole ordeal has, without question, tarnished Samsung's otherwise impeccable reputation for quality devices. Yesterday, we wrote that roughly half of all Note7s sold in the US have been returned, and that 90% of those who've returned a defective device were pleased to receive a new replacement in exchange, and were sticking with the phone.

Unfortunately, as it now appears, it seems that some of the replacement devices are also acting up a bit, although it's much too early to jump to conclusions. Still, Samsung is just trying to put this mess behind them and be done with it soon - though they're not out of the woods yet it seems. 

Galaxy Note 7 with S Pen

Following the mass exchange, Korean broadcaster YTN met up with owners of replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7s to see how the new devices were faring. As it happens, some users have not had great luck. Many still report overheating issues, as well as battery-draining issues. One user was noted to claim that his Note 7 simply won't charge properly, and when it's in use, it uses an entire 1% of the battery each second. Yes - second. That sounds a bit far-fetched but we suppose it plausible. 

YTN also decided to test things on its own, and with a replaced Galaxy Note 7 and found that a phone plugged in at 75% discharged to 49% despite the fact that it was plugged into the wall for 39 minutes.

Samsung has thus far not acknowledged a real problem here, with a spokesperson claiming that these reports aren't related to the batteries, but simply random issues that can creep up during mass-production of a product.  Fair enough, we suppose. As you might imagine virtually all devices end up finding a few unlucky buyers that have a problem. We just don't usually hear much about random issues like this but because of the explosive nature of situation, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is definitely is under the microscope.