Samsung Beefs Up Android Security with KNOX, Takes Aim at the Enterprise

Samsung is already gobbling up market share in the consumer mobile space, so why not tackle the enterprise, too? The company has already invaded the business world by virtue of the BYOD trend, but now Samsung is taking steps to improve device security by releasing KNOX, a “comprehensive mobile solution for work and play” for Android phones that’s designed to increase platform and application security as well as make mobile device management easier for IT.

Platform security features include secure boot; Security Enhanced Android, which reduces tampering and security exploits by isolating data and applications based on confidentiality criteria; and TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA), which continuously monitors the Linux kernel and automatically responds (based on policies) if there’s an integrity issue.


On the application side, KNOX offers KNOX Container, which offers a secure and totally separate environment on a device to keep business and personal applications and data safely segregated. The Container offers an encrypted (AES 256) file system as well as an on demand FIPS-certified VPN client.


BlackBerry has long dominated the enterprise mobile space, but KNOX is a shot across the bow from Samsung; KNOX solves a lot of problems related to employees plugging their own devices into a business’ network.