Samsung 27-inch CRG5 Curved Gaming Display Flaunts Blazing 240Hz Refresh Rate And G-Sync

Samsung CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor
Samsung has good news if you are a fan of curved monitors and fast refresh rates. At Gamescom, the company announced a new monitor, the CRG5, which is the first in the world to pair a curved panel with a bodacious 240Hz refresh rate for fast-action gameplay (provided you have a graphics card that can keep up).

The new CRG5 is a 27-inch monitor with a 1500R curvature. In theory, curved panels are supposed to be more immersive, as they wrap more boldly into your peripheral vision. Whether it actually makes a discernible difference or not, it just depends on who you ask.

Beyond the curved panel and fast refresh rate, the CRG5 also boasts support for NVIDIA's game-smoothing G-Sync technology. Not to be confused with a monitor labeled as "G-Sync Compatible," the CRG5 has an actual G-Sync hardware module inside. The benefit, of course, is the ability to synchronize a graphics card's framerates with the monitor's refresh rate, to eliminate unsightly tearing.

Samsung CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor Angled

Samsung left out few details, though did state the CRG5 uses a vertical alignment (VA) panel with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. There is no mention of the rated brightness level or HDR support, so we assume the latter is not part of the package.

It's not clear what kind of connectivity options are offered, and whether or not the CRG5 has a built-in USB hub. As for the physical design, however, Samsung is touting a "bezel-less" construction.

The CRG5 also features some optional in-monitor settings, such as a Game Mode that adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and color; a low input Lag Mode that is supposed to minimize delays between input devices and the display; and an Eye Saver Mode to reduce blue light.

The CRG5 is available now for $399.99 on Amazon.