S3's MultiChrome dual-GPU technology Tested & Benchmarked

For multi-card support, ATI has CrossFire. Nvidia, on the other hand, has SLI. But that's not all, S3 has MultiChrome. In their latest review, The Tech Report gets a couple of Chrome S27 GPU's for testing, putting them up against Nvidia's GeForce 6600GT(both single card and SLI). S3 has made some good progress with their GPU technology, but can two Chrome S27s really play a game like F.E.A.R.?

"The basic graphics architecture of the Chrome S27 is fairly conventional. The GPU has four vertex shader units and eight pixel shader processors, but only four texturing units and four render back ends capable of turning a fragment into a pixel. Like most low-end GPUs, the S27 does have its compromises. Among them is a relatively simple memory controller with no crossbar design, and antialiasing capabilities that are limited to 2X or 4X ordered-grid supersampling. These limitations might be problematic in a more expensive product, but they're not show-stoppers here."