Ryan Shrout, Senior Director Of Client Strategy, Graphics and AI Departs Intel

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Ryan Shrout announced he has parted ways with Intel via a post on X. Shrout joined Intel in 2018 as the company's Chief Performance Strategist.

Ryan Shrout is no stranger to tweeting about his departures from previous jobs. He revealed his departure from PC Perspective, of which he was the founder, on Twitter. And the closure of his consulting firm, Shrout Research, when he joined Intel. Shrout had spent 19 years leading PC Perspective and remarked after his departure, "This move represents a new challenge and the chance to influence the direction of a major player in the technology field from within." Now, Shrout has tweeted that "Fall is a season for change" and that yesterday was his last day with the tech giant.

The news comes on the heels of Radeon Vice President Scott Herkelman announcing his own departure from AMD at the end of this year.

ryan shrout leaving intel tweet

Shrout added that he will take a couple of weeks with his family and then share what is next for him. HotHardware's own Marco Chiappetta replied to Shrout's tweet, expressing, "Wow, I'm really surprised by this. Best of luck, Ryan! Hopefully we'll cross paths again soon..."

Others were also quick to reply, with Sebastian Castellanos remarking, "Best of luck on your next chapter in life! I'm definitely gonna miss the cheerful, fun and informative videos that you and TAP produced for the Intel Graphics YouTube channel..."

The videos created for Intel Graphics Castellanos mentioned were informative videos showcasing Ryan and Tom "TAP" Petersen. The duo answered many of the consumers' questions following the launch of the company's first-generation Arc graphics cards. Ryan was also an integral part of the process surrounding the Arc launch, often being the face of the company along with Petersen.

Since joining Intel, Shrout has held several different positions. They range from Senior Director Technical and Competitive Client Marketing, to his most recent being Senior Director, Client Segment Strategy, CCG - Graphics and AI Group.

While Ryan's future may be unknown to everyone but himself and those close to him, it is certainly one that everyone will be watching, including HotHardware.