Rumor Has It: NVIDIA Aims to Deliver Their Own Flagship Android Tablet

A few days ago, an unheard-of NVIDIA device showed up in some GFXBench benchmark results alongside the NVIDIA SHIELD (which we reviewed here); the device, which is apparently dubbed the NVIDIA Tegra Note Premium, has a resolution of 1280x736 (which indicates a smallish tablet form factor), and the German site that found the results said that the processor was a Tegra 4 (1.8GHz) chip, and it was running Android 4.2.2. It may also come with a stylus of some kind.


The assumption is that this mystery device could be a purely NVIDIA-branded 7-inch (or so) tablet, and now it appears that NVIDIA may also be developing a high-end tablet with its own name on the box.

FUDzilla, citing its “Europe-based sources”, says that NVIDIA is planning to launch such a tablet that will pack a Tegra 5 (Logan) processor with Kepler-class graphics. Ostensibly, it will be an NVIDIA-branded device like the SHIELD, and it would signal that NVIDIA is ready to enter the fray in the mobile market, competing against the likes of the iPad for a chunk of the high-end market.

Kepler mobile, Tegra 5
Tegra 5 (Logan) with Kepler-class graphics

This device, along with the NVIDIA SHIELD and the possible NVIDIA Tegra Note Premium, would give NVIDIA an interesting mobile portfolio that would compete in essentially every tablet category.