Roccat Pounds Out Isku+ Force FX Keyboard With Pressure Sensitive QWEASD Keys

Roccat added yet another gaming keyboard to its fleshed out lineup, the Isku+ Force FX, which is a membrane plank that eschews mechanical key switches for a less expensive price tag. In place of mechanical key switches, the Force FX in the model name refers to pressure sensitive technology that Roccat infused the all-important WASD keys with, along with the Q and E keys that are commonly used by PC gamers.

Roccat Isku Force FX

"With our patented Force FX technology, we re-imagined keyboard input to provide a whole new level of control. By employing a special chemical layer which modifies electrical conductivity beneath the QWEASD keyzone, our engineers have found a way to allow pressure-sensitive input on a rubber-dome keyboard. We have implemented this technology in the Isku+ Force FX, which is the successor of the highly acclaimed and best-selling Isku FX – without raising the competitive price-point," Roccat explains.

The pressure sensitive keys contain a polymer piezoelectric composite layer underneath that detects how hard or softly a key is pressed. That could make for some interesting in-game effects and controls, provided developers take advantage of the technology. Just off the top of our heads, one way this could be useful is switching between running and walking—rather than rely on the Shift key, a hard key press on the directional controls could translate into a running motion, while a regular key press would make the character walk. Perhaps a light key press could even slow things down to a creep.

Roccat Isku+ Force FX Front

Gamers are not forced to use this feature. The QWEASD keys can be configured in three different modes. By default, the keys operate as normal. Users can switch to a pressure sensitive mode, or one that allows for assigning up to three functions to any single key.

Outside of the pressure sensitive technology, the Isku+ Force FX features eight configurable media and hotkeys, 36 macro keys (including three thumb keys), and RGB illumination with half a dozen adjustable brightness levels. As with many of Roccat's peripherals, the new keyboard is able to communicate with other compatible Roccat devices using its Easy-Shift[+] technology.

Look for the Roccat Isku+ Force FX to be available soon for around $100, which is what the original Isku FX went for.