Roccat Suora Mechanical Keyboard Goes Frameless For A Unique Gaming Experience

rocat 2
Are you looking for the perfect accessory to set off your epic new gaming rig? Perhaps you plunked down some serious coin on a 10-core Intel Core i7-6950X processor and have a couple of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 cards thrown in for good measure. But what about a nice gaming keyboard to go along with your fancy new wares? Roccat is angling for your attention with the Suora, a new mechanical gaming keyboard that is looking to stand out in a vast sea of competing peripherals.

As Roccat puts it, you won’t find any superfluous media keys or even a palmrest on this keyboard; just durable mechanical keys that are attached to an aluminum-alloy base. Those keys are hardened to survive a 50-million keystroke lifecycle. Other features include a 1,000Hz polling rate, anti-ghosting with N-key follower and six programmable macro keys. You’ll also find blue key backlighting with 11 brightness levels.

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But all of that stuff is pretty much run-of-the-mill when it comes to gaming keyboards, so what could Roccat possibly do to grab the attention of gamers? Well, the Suora does away with traditional key framing, which leave the keys “suspended” in mid-air. It makes for a rather interesting design and definitely looks unique in this market. An added side effect of this design is that it makes it easier to clean out old Cheetos dust and potato chip crumbs.

Roccat says that the Suora keyboard will ship in July, but it hasn’t yet given an idea of how much it will cost. But perusing Amazon shows that that the cheapest gaming keyboard from Roccat (ISKU with blue key backlighting) is running $70, while the most expensive one (the Ryos MK FX) is $160. Given the Suora doesn’t have the fancy RGB illumination of the latter, we assuming that it will be priced somewhere in between these two offerings.