ROCCAT's New Isku FX Gaming Keyboard Lights Up Your Life

Need some new keys this winter? Don't worry, ROCCAT has you covered -- if you love wild, colorful gaming keyboards, anyway. The company has just introduced the ROCCAT Isku FX, a new gaming 'board that automatically tweaks lighting depending on in-game actions. The Isku FX features off-white UV-coated keys and your choice of backlighting in 16.8 million colors and 6 adjustable brightness levels. How's that for lighting up a LAN party?

The Talk FX technology adjusts the lighting of your Isku FX and ROCCAT mouse in sync with in-game actions. The mouse and keyboard flash in white whenever a new round starts. If your tank gets attacked by an enemy, both devices start to flash in red. According to the company, its exclusive ROCCAT Talk protocol allows the Isku FX Illuminated Gaming Keyboard and the ROCCAT line of high-performance gaming mice to talk to each other – giving you a powerful set bonus that lets you execute mouse macros quickly and easily right from your keyboard. Easy-Aim technology is perfect for when your game demands precise marksmanship in sniper mode. Simply press and hold a single keyboard key and Easy-Aim will instantly optimize the DPI setting on your mouse. This two-handed custom marksmanship is the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint sniping accuracy.

The Isku FX is expected to hit shelves this week, with a suggested retail price of $99.99 / 99,99€
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