Robots With Hearts; Europe and S. Korea Seek Robot Ethics Charters

According to an article from Engadget, Europe and South Korea are developing a "Robot Ethics Charter" in order to govern the manufacturing and use of robots to including ethical standards. If this wasn't already sci-fi enough, guess where the a great deal of inspiration for the charter is being found? Isaac Asimov's "three principles", a concept from his 1942 book I Robot, is being used as inspiration for both Europe and S. Korea's charters.

In the end, when the robots rise, it won't be a cool slathering of mud spread across your thermally trackable meat sack which saves you; it'll be a manifesto. Europe's version is expected next month, now our tech overlords in South Korea are working on their version of the "Robot Ethics Charter." The document will govern the manufacturing and use of robots and include ethical standards which will be programmed into their binary souls.