Roblox Issues Statement On Today's Outage And Gamers Freak Out

roblox outage
The latest Roblox outage has some of its fan base freaking out from their inability of being able to play the popular game. One person posted a reply to Roblox on Twitter saying, "Fix it please I'm shaking." That's probably a tongue-in-cheek tweet, but who really knows.

Yesterday Spotify and Roblox announced a collaboration that will allow players to mingle and jam out to tunes on Spotify Island. The good news was short-lived, however, as Roblox began receiving reports of players having issues accessing the highly popular game early Wednesday morning. The outage has left some wondering if they should leave the creative platform for rival Minecraft, while others are having a bit of a moment of panic.

Roblox posted an update on its Twitter account early this morning, stating that it was aware of the issue some were having accessing the game. It didn't take long for players to start commenting.

Roblox tweet
One person stated, "It has been 24 hours without Roblox. I can't go ahead with this any longer. My mental state is in complete and utter pandemonium. I cried myself to sleep 4 times today. I feel paranoid that Roblox may never come back. Roblox has the only thing that brings me joy in this cruel life."

Some comments seemed to be mocking others, as one stated, "It has been one minute without Roblox. I am starting to slowly lose my vision and my will to live."

roblox cry
The outage has left some to contemplate moving over to Minecraft. One person posted, "This is why I'm moving to minecraft its a better game". While others have called the companies ability to fix the issue in a timely manner, "5 hours and ur a multi-billion dollars company".

The company has not yet said what the cause of the outage is, and has not updated its statement on Twitter since its post this morning. Hopefully, for the die-hard fans that are having a hard time coping without the game, the servers will be back up soon.