RGB Lighting Is Cool But This Holographic PC Case Is Next Level And Up For Preorder

hologram pc
Have you ever wished you could have a holographic image on the glass panel of your PC case? Well Showcase PC has introduced two PC case models that will deliver that and something extra as well.

CES 2022 has seen its share of new PC cases and hardware. CyberPowerPC dazzled the crowds with a PC case that had a moving front piece to enable better air flow and add some very cool aesthetics at the same time. If you wanted to add some more screens to the inside of your PC case, Thermaltake showed off an LCD Monitor Kit that will add a display to your RAM. But if a breathing PC case is not your thing and you would rather have holograms,, Showcase PC has you covered.

Showcase PC is a company located in sunny Los Angeles, California. It specializes in creating 3D and 4D designs that will transform your PC into a work of art, and take your gaming experience to the next level. Its PCs are made from new parts as well as refurbished parts, which the company says allows it to sell unique PCs at a more affordable prices. Offerings can be pre-built into a case or if you want to add the custom hologram experience to a case you already have, it offers a simple self-install kit.

As of right now, the custom hologram PCs come in two different models. The first is the Hologram PC "Solo" Model PC Case, which offers a hologram on the glass side window. The second is the Hologram PC "Dual" Model PC Case, which projects a hologram on both the inside of the case as well as on top of the chassis via synchronized videos. Each model comes with a 3D LED fan with 8GB of internal storage and a remote control.

hologram pc case
Tom's Hardware had a chance to check out the holographic cases at CES 2022, and "came away impressed with the quality of the images" (which are hard to do justice in photos). They indicated that the images were relatively flicker free and were quite bright. The only downside it mentioned was that the base module was a bit large and takes up quite a bit of space.

The case that was used for the models at CES 2022 was actually an NZXT H510. This is a fairly popular PC case that retails for around $100. It will house a mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX size motherboard, and delivers USB Type-C and Type-A ports on the front panel along with a headphone jack. The max CPU cooler clearance is 165mm and has a maximum GPU length of 381mm. As far as cooling fans, the front can take up to two 140mm case fans, while the top supports a single 120/140mm fan and rear can take a single 120mm fan.

The company states on its website that the PC case is still undergoing the final stages of development. It is projected to start shipping both models by June 2022 or sooner. Both cases are available for pre-order now. The "Solo" model has a discounted pre-order price of $299, and the "Dual" model comes in with a discounted price of $449. These prices are a special limited time offer for CES 2022 and lasts until January 8th. After the sale ends the "Solo" will be priced at $349, and the "Dual" will be priced at $499.

If you are wanting to make a preorder for one of these unique PC cases and want to save a few dollars, you will need to act fast as the sale ends tomorrow on the 8th. The world of PC modding is getting much more exciting as new technologies continue to be added to the fray. If only we could get our hands on GPUs to put inside them for MSRP...