Watch CyberPowerPC's Shape-Shifting Kinetic Case Appear Alive With Breathing Vents

kinetic case
The Kinetic Series Gaming Chassis that was just announced at CES 2022 by CyberPowerPC will leave you in awe and feeling as though you just stepped into the future. The design is not only meant as an aesthetic, but also serves a functional purpose.

CES 2022 is fully under way in Las Vegas, even as many companies cancelled on-site presentations this year due to the pandemic. This, however, has not stopped all those companies from making big announcements. CyberPowerPC is one of those companies and it just announced a new PC case that moves (quite literally) to beat of its own drum. Or breath of its own lungs, as it were.

The Kinetic PC case was developed to not only be pleasing to the eye, but also to provide a vital function when it comes to keeping the inner workings of your PC cool. Inspired by Kinetic Architecture, the idea behind that which buildings are designed to allow parts of its structure to purposely move. The Kinetic PC case has 18 individually controlled articulating vents that open and close, adjusting to the system's current internal ambient temperatures. So, as your PC internals get warmer, those vents will open up to allow more air to flow into the case. And as the temperatures begin to cool down, those same vents will begin to close.

You really have to see it to appreciate it...

CyberPowerPC CEO, Eric Cheung stated in a press release, "We are entering 2022 with some of our most sophisticated and elegant designs ever. For discriminating gamers our PC Master Builders are ready to hand-build and test new gaming PCs that are ultra-clean, streamlined, and deliver maximum performance for those who want something truly unique."

There is no doubt that the Kinetic PC case is truly unique in design and function. It will utilize a software interface that will allow users to customize and adjust the temperature ranges from which the venting actuations will activate as well as quick buttons that will fully open or close the vents with one simple click. The patent pending Kinetic design and its 18 individually actuating vents not only allow for better cooling, but also reduces noise and dust when the case temps are low.

best of ces 2022Nam Hoang, CyberPowerPC Creative Director, described the thought process behind the design as follows, "We've pushed ourselves to think beyond the aesthetics. Put more consideration into honest, functional design that has purpose. We asked ourselves, 'Can a chassis do more and be more than just a box with holes. Can it change shapes and adjust to our needs, intelligently adapting to the situation at hand?' With this curiosity in mind, the team here at CyberPowerPC began thinking about what a computer needs to perform at its best."

Units will be sold in both black and white variants and feature ample interior space for allowing for maximum cooling. The interior will accommodate radiators up to 360mm and still be able to fit an additional 120mm radiator simultaneously if and when needed. The Kinetic Series will support full ATX size motherboards, support up to 120mm fans or 5 140mm fans, and be able to support most extended length graphics cards.

The CyberPowerPC Kinetic Series is scheduled to begin shipping in Q3 2022 from CyberPowerPC's website and its network of authorized retailers and distributors. It will come with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. The suggested MSRP for the case will be $249.

The Kinetic Series Gaming Chassis will no doubt be one that is sought after once it is released in Q3 of this year, as its price seems to fit well with its design and functionality. The exterior of the chassis is striking in how it looks and moves and provides a function that will keep your PC cool as you play games well into the night.