Researchers Claim Samsung's Knox Mobile Security Vulnerable To Attacks

Mobile security has become an issue of increasing importance, as mobile use has skyrocketed in recent years while cybercriminals have simultaneously spent more time finding ways to attack. There are several solutions out there, but a major one is Samsung’s Knox.

According to researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, there may be a vulnerability in Knox as it runs on devices such as the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S4. The team reportedly discovered a hack that would let ne’er-do-wells access Knox’s secure container where apps are run and data is stored securely. The hack would allow one to access emails and monitor data.

Samsung Knox vulnerability

Knox is an important security tool if for no other reason than it’s a Samsung pet project, and the company has been pushing it hard both for consumers and in the enterprise. Like any security solution, however, news that it has a vulnerability can make a big impact in sales.

It’s a good thing that security researchers found the problem first; hopefully Samsung will have it patched quickly, assuming this is more than a theoretical problem. SamMobile reported the vulnerability after having a look behind the Wall Street Journal’s paywall.