Rescape Kickstarter Project Overlays Augmented Reality FPS Game On Your Surroundings With A Mobile Device

If running around your house, office building, or a public space with your smartphone strapped into a gun-like gaming accessory while you and your pals engage in augmented reality video game that overlays gameplay in real time over whatever environment you’re in, you might be a person that wants to drop some cash on the Rescape project on Kickstarter.

Rescape calls itself a Reality Gaming platform that offers mobile, multiplayer, immersive augmented reality games, and you can see some exciting stuff happening starting at about 45 seconds into the team’s promo video.

Rescape uses former NASA technology that allows the smartphone to use its camera to map an environment while simultaneously “locating” itself within that environment. The overlay is a 1:1 deal, meaning that all your spatial senses make sense within the virtualized space.

Rescape controller

The team has a Rescape SDK that is completely free of licensing fees, so anyone with the right motivation can dig in and developer for the platform. Further, the technology is designed so that you can potentially map any FPS game in this way, which is a strongly compelling feature.


The actual controller consists of a 180-degree fisheye lens that mounts on your smartphone and a shoulder stock that has a four-directional D-pad and a trigger. At first, Rescape will support iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, but Android support is in the plans, as well.

Rescape is looking to raise $150,000 to complete the controller design and begin manufacturing, with the first full batch slated for shipping in September.