Razer Announces Turret Mouse And Keyboard For Xbox One FPS Gaming Glory, Preorders Now Open

Razer today officially launched its new Razer Turret, which is a wireless mouse and keyboard combo specifically designed for the Xbox One platform. Microsoft first announced official mouse and keyboard support for its gaming consoles back in September, and Razer was listed as one of its early partners.

turret 1

Razer has a long and esteemed gaming pedigree, and it that extends to the Razer Turret, which uses 2.4GHz wireless tech to provide a stable connection to both the mouse and the keyboard with a single USB dongle that plugs into your Xbox One.  There's also a dedicated Xbox key that will invoke the home menu.

The Razer Turret uses a combination of Xbox Dynamic Lighting and Razer Chroma technology giving you the ability to customize RGB lighting for both the keyboard and mouse. You have 16.8 million colors at your disposal, and Razer is actively working with developers to extend this color control to current and future games.

As you might expect from a high-end gaming keyboard, there are mechanical switches onboard, which Razer says are durable enough to withstand over 80 million keystrokes. As for the mouse, which is based on Razer Mamba, it incorporates a 5G optical sensor and was torture tested to survive 50 million clicks. As for endurance, Razer promises up to 40 hours per charge for the unit.

turret 2

And for an added trick for those that will be gaming from your couch with your new keyboard and mouse, there is a mousing surface that sprouts out from base of the keyboard when you're ready to start sniping opponents in Fortnite. When not in use, it then slides right back under the body of the keyboard.

When it comes to pricing, the Razer Turret may be a tough pill for some gamers to swallow. It's priced at $249 (you can preorder it here), which is about how much you'll pay for an Xbox One S console. To make the price a bit more palatable, however, Microsoft is including a $25 Xbox gift card with preorders. According to Microsoft the Razer Turret will be available on March 31st, 2019.