Microsoft Finally Adding Xbox One Mouse And Keyboard Support, Here's How

PC gamers trying to make the crossover to gaming on consoles have long wanted full mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One. Microsoft has mulled support for the preferred PC gaming input method for years, and reports in June claimed that Microsoft held a conference with Razer detailing the Turret keyboard and mouse. Microsoft and Razer have now made that partnership official with Microsoft announcing that it will be enabling mouse and keyboard support on the Xbox One for select Xbox Insiders in the coming weeks.

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Microsoft notes that with support for the mouse and keyboard at the platform level, devs will be able to add mouse and keyboard support to their games if they want to. Microsoft is very clear in pointing out that support for this input method will be added on a title-by-title basis at the developer's discretion -- it won’t be enabled by default for games. Many still feel that gamers using a mouse and keyboard have an edge against gamers using a gamepad, and Microsoft says it wants devs to create an experience that is optimal and fair.

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While the partnership with Razer is touted in the announcement, Microsoft says that any wired or wireless USB keyboard and mouse will work with the Xbox One. However, Microsoft goes on to say that Razer hardware is best in class and that Razer will be bringing the "best possible mouse and keyboard experience" to the console. That will mean new peripherals from Razer specifically for the Xbox One.

Microsoft worked with studios of all sizes to ensure that mouse and keyboard experiences are fun, fair, and balanced. The software giant says that additional games with support for mouse and keyboard will land in the future, and one of the first titles to get support for mouse and keyboard will be Warframe. More details on games supporting the input method and the partnership with Razer are promised in the Inside Xbox presentation set for November 10.