Razer Black Friday Discounts Bring Sharp Discounts Up To 56% Off Gaming Mice And Keyboards

razer huntsman mini 60 percent

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and manufacturers across the board are discounting their hardware in preparation for Black Friday. Perhaps instead of spending time arguing over how to best cook a Turkey while watching the parade, you tune-out the family drama and game with some pretty glowing peripherals? Razer has a huge list of products on sale for up to some massive discounts, check it out below!

Let's start off with the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% gaming Keyboard, pictured above. Using Razer's Own Linear Optical Switches, the travel time is only 1.0 mm at a 1,000 Hz polling rate. If you are unsure of what that means, it effectively means you can type fast, and react fast in games. The RGB through Razer Chroma supports 16.8 million colors on individually back lit keys. If you are looking to preserve some desk space but still have a quality keyboard, this is for you. Right now it's $50.00 off, down from $129.99, a 38% discount making the price only $79.99.

Next we have the Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse and RGB Charging Dock. This mouse supports up to 5 on-board profiles for your binds and macros, which is useful where you're a traveling tournament gamer or just like to LAN with your buddies. Additionally it only weights 74g, and includes a 20K DPI sensor, meaning it will catch your movements extremely precisely. Another thing to consider is this mouse is ambidextrous. There are not many manufacturers that make lefty-friendly mice but Razer is one of the few that does. This package is discounted 50% from its original $149.99 down to $74.99, it's a good deal if you ask us!

For our third device from Razer, we want to appeal to the streamers, and even educators, and anyone who needs a webcam. Razer's Kiyo X Full HD Streaming Webcam offers a 1080p resolution at 30fps, or a 720p resolution at 60fps. These numbers are pretty standard in the industry, but the build quality on these devices is impressive. It also excellently handles low light, and has an auto-focus feature. You don't really have to mess with it to be sure you are seen. It even has a compact design for folding it up and taking it on the go! It is probably going to be difficult to find many better webcams than this for the 41% discounted price of $46.99. Down from the usual $79.99, that's a savings of $33!

Perhaps the above items aren't up top your speed. Maybe you're a traditionalist. As such a person you probably want a full on keyboard with all the keys. Well the Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard has you covered there. It is a full 110-key keyboard with individual RGB lights for each key and the same 16.8 million colors through Razer Chroma. This keyboard has Razer's own Hybrid-Mechanical Key Switches, which are tactile and a little soft at the same time, and some people appreciate that softer feel. This keyboard also has a 50% discount on it, dropping it to $49.99. Down from its usual $99.99, a savings of $50!

Of course, way more Razer gear is on sale, check those out below. There are a bunch more features that all of them support that we didn't talk about. For example, there is a Phillips Hue Extension for the Razer Chroma app. That means if you have Phillips Hue lightbulbs the software can make your game or music modify not only your Razer peripherals, but also your lights!