Razer Turns A Lexus TX Into A Luxury Gaming Vehicle With RGB, Do You Dig It?

hero lexusTX rear
Razer and Lexus sounds like an unlikely partnership, right? Well, this concept gaming vehicle may change your mind. Simply dubbed the Razer Lexus TX, it shows off what happens when you combine luxury with serious gaming aspirations on-the-go.

Revealed at the 2023 Esports Awards Show in Las Vegas recently, the Lexus-Razer gaming vehicle isn't your usual marketing exercise (well, sort of) where some PC peripheral maker slaps on some components into a car like an afterthought. This concept superbly integrates some of Razer's best hardware into the Lexus TX's interior and exterior. Check it out...

To wit, the TX has a custom Lexus logo and Razer green LED panels on the grille, rear windows, underbody, roof runners, and mirrors. It won't be legal in most countries or US states (boo!), but it does look very well done.

The interior, however, is where the action is at. The stock second and third row seats made way for four Razer Iskur gaming seats; the second row is made up of two separate gaming stations with monitors mounted against the first row backrest, with keyboards and mice on the foldout table. The overall table real estate might be too cramped for real hardcore gaming, as the gamers in the video had their palms half off the table. Folks in the last row get a shared Razer Raptor.

The rear cargo area houses a Core X Chrome hub that houses four Razer Blade charging ports, yet it's nice to see a couple of cubby storage areas that each fit a large backpack . We might not be able to fit an entire grocery run in there, but it'll hold some important gamer snacks at least.

Even if the video is quite cringy to watch, we applaud the engineering and thought behind a collaboration between a luxury automaker and a major consumer electronics company. Bob Picunko, director of marketing at Razer Americas summed it up, "The Razer Lexus TX goes well beyond simple cosmetic alterations, creating multiple fully realized gaming battlestations within the expansive interior of the vehicle."