Hey Radeon RX Vega GPU Owners, You Can Finally Play COD Modern Warfare 2 Again

mw2 s3 reloaded
You might think that Radeon Vega GPUs are pretty rare at this point—and you might be right, if we're strictly talking about the original RX Vega 56 and 64 graphics cards. However, the Vega architecture has lived on long past its expiration date, and can still be found in lots of APUs sold by AMD.


That might be why there was a surprising amount of outcry when the Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 completely broke the game for Radeon Vega users. Anyone with a graphics processor based on the Vega architecture, whether discrete or integrated, was left completely unable to launch the game at all.

pc mw2 patchnotes

Thankfully, Activision has finally fixed up the problem—which was the game's fault, by the way, not a Radeon driver bug—and players with Vega GPUs should be able to play again. If you're one of the 71 people who commented on our original post, rejoice! You can now load up Modern Warfare 2 (or Warzone 2.0) and continue grinding your soul off in pursuit of sweet new swag.

Just what everyone needs: a fully-automatic Desert Eagle.

This news comes specifically from the game's patch notes for the "Season 3 Reloaded" patch, although it came to us by way of a Reddit post on the /r/AMD subreddit. Besides the bugfix, this update also adds a new 6v6 map, new challenges, new weapons, and some interesting changes to the game's movement systems including reduced camera movement and a raised height threshold for one-handed mantling, "allowing for more aggressive traversal."

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Of course, there's a plethora of other patch notes, including tons of balance changes and additional bug fixes. You can go check out the full patch notes at the official Call of Duty website if you're curious.