R580+ To Have Same Frequency For All Variants

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that ATI will be shipping standard and Crossfire edition variants of their upcoming R580+ GPU with the same operating frequencies. Traditionally, the Crossfire edition master card trailed the flagship level model in terms of frequency. For the first time, owners of the top of the line cards will be able to have two cards running in Crossfire mode with no forced decrease in core speed. Although a very welcomed change, it is somewhat ironic that this topic is already destined to become a null issue as ATI's upcoming RD600 chipset will not require a Crossfire edition card in order to run two cards in Crossfire mode. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how performance will improve with ATI's R580 refresh. Fortunately, it sounds as though we could be seeing cards on store shelves as soon as the end of August so the wait won't be long.

"FOR the first time, ATI plans to make Crossfire and the XTX cards clock at the same speed. Both the upcoming Radeon X1950 XTX and Radeon X1950 Crossfire Edition will end up clocked at 650MHz core and 2.0GHz DDR4 512MB memory."


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