Quantum Break Dev Addresses Windows 10 Issues, Rules Out Multi-GPU Support

Developer Remedy Entertainment posted a message thanking fans for the early success of Quantum Break, a third-person shooter released to Xbox One consoles and Windows PCs earlier this month, while also acknowledging that there are several issues needing ironed out that mostly affect Windows 10.

"We are aware that some players are facing issues with the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break and some extent on Xbox One. We want to let you know that we are working diligently with Microsoft Studios on addressing all the feedback," Remedy said.

Quantum Break Screenshot

Many Windows 10 users have complained about stuttering framerates and frame pacing issues. Remedy said the issue is due to a major rounding error that was introduced into its refresh rate predictions when the game shipped, and that a solution to the problem is already being worked on. Remedy plans to roll out an update in the "near future" that will include fixes for these issues.

Remedy's also working to improve the overall performance of Quantum Break in Windows 10. Part of that process involves collaborating with both AMD and Nvidia to improve game play on the driver side, as well as identifying what Remedy can do on its end to play nicely with AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Quantum Break Screenshot 2

"Sometimes, after a longer play session, the game can end up to a state where the video memory becomes fragmented, and an important asset gets moved to system memory, which slows the rendering performance significantly. This problem is very rare and Remedy will continue to investigate and improve the video memory behavior in future updates," Remedy said.

There are several other issues Remedy is working to fix, like crashing on launch and offering Windows 10 users more fine grain control over image quality. Unfortunately, one thing that isn't coming to Quantum Break is dual-GPU support. Remedy says it would take a major overhaul to the engine architecture to support multi-GPU rendering in Quantum Break, which is out of its scope at this time.

While fixes for several issues are coming, Remedy suggests that in the meantime Nvidia GPU owners use Nvidia's 362.00 drivers and that AMD Radeon GPU owners use AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1.