Microsoft Shares 'Quantum Break' Launch Details For Windows 10 And Xbox One

Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle

With Remedy Entertainment's latest title, Quantum Break, launching on April 5th, Microsoft has decided to give us a two-month heads-up on a couple of important details surrounding the launch. First and foremost, the company has just announced that the game will be coming to the PC, and that those who pre-order the game on the Xbox One will automatically get a free copy of that version. This is the first time Microsoft has offered this kind of deal, and it highlights the company's desire to make its Xbox One and Windows 10 interoperable.

It goes without saying that Quantum Break's PC version is going to be a console port, but it's not like most. For starters, Windows 10 is required. Why? Because DirectX 12 is, too. Minimum specs for the game put the GPU at GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon R7 260X. Recommended? Why, none other than a GeForce GTX 980 Ti or Radeon R9 Fury X, along with an Intel i7-4790 or "AMD equivalent" (eg: FX 8370). Those are some seriously steep specs, especially since the Fury X doesn't even meet the 6GB framebuffer that's likewise recommended.

Given the DX12-exclusivity, let's hope there turns out to be some real justification for it. It'd be pretty impressive if this console port didn't look like a console port.

Quantum Break

If you purchase the game on Xbox One, Microsoft will email you a 25-digit code after the game launches that can be used in the Windows Store to claim the free copy. If that doesn't taste sweet enough, copies of the game will also include a free copy of Alan Wake and its two add-on packs. Those who preorder will have Alan Wake's American Nightmare tossed in as well.

To coincide with this time-bending adventure, Microsoft has released yet another console bundle. This one features a silvery 500GB console along with download codes for the game and its Alan Wake bonuses. This bundle will retail for $349 and will begin being sold on March 29.

The big news here is the fact that people get a free second copy of the game, and while that might seem a bit useless given most will be happy with a single platform, bear this in mind: saved games will be shared between both versions. If someone is hogging the Xbox, hop on the PC! If only that option were available all of the time, huh?