Quad-SLI Notebooks Coming

X-Bit Labs reports that L International Computers Inc. is claiming to be preparing a Quad-SLI notebook which will be equipped with the latest enthusiast hardware. Here, the system will reportedly feature a factory overclocked Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor (3.37GHz), an Intel P965 chipset, support up to 4GB of PC2-6400 memory, two SATA hard drives, an HD-DVD drive, and a 19" LCD panel. Most importantly, the company plans to utilize four GeForce Go 7900 GPU's. Unfortunately, no price and specific ETA have been provided by the vendor though we assure you we'll have a preview of the unit as soon as humanly possible should the system ever come to fruition.

L International Computers Inc., the re-born computer maker previously known as Lieberman Computers or L Computers, announced a laptop that can feature up to four graphics processors. The company does not name any shipments timeframes or prices, which is in the past L was often accused of unveiling vaporware products.