pureSilicon Reveals Kage K1 USB Flash Drive And Kage K1 SATA SSD

Like flash memory? Like good looks? pureSilicon has plenty of both, as evidenced by their introductions this evening. They're launching launched a new line of enterprise-focused storage devices, including the Kage K1 USB Flash Drive — an “impossibly thin” (4.5 mm) USB 3.0-based SSD drive.

It leverages the technology pioneered in pureSilicon’s recently announced Renegade and Nitro devices, making it available at a lower price point aimed at power users in the financial services, science, and engineering sectors, as well as creative professionals who need fast, high-capacity storage for digital media.

There's up to 240 GB usable MLC, a USB 3.0 interface, up to 400MB/sec transfer rates and pricing starting at $230.

The Kage K1 SATA SSD is based on the technology and features found in pureSilicon’s high-end Renegade SSD and Nitro SSD products, but employs eMLC NAND flash memory to bring PureSi’s reliability and performance to a wider audience. The Kage SATA series delivers 6 Gb/s and includes a proprietary power supply design called VoltStream that monitors power quality and uses solid-state capacitors to provide energy during a host-side power failure. Pricing on that one starts at $975, with up to 400GB of usable eMLC and a SATA 6Gbps interface.