Purchase A Samsung Galaxy S6 On T-Mobile And Receive Free Year Of Netflix

If you’re looking to purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 (and it appears that many are looking to take the plunge), T-Mobile CEO John Legere has just announced a deal that may just be too good to pass up. Legere took to Twitter today to announce that if you purchase a Galaxy S6 though T-Mobile, you will receive a free year of Netflix.

Netflix Standard costs $8.99 per month, so T-Mobile would be throwing in a value-add worth just over $100. Once you throw in other “Un-carrier” initiatives like Data Stash, unlimited 4G LTE data, and Un-contract (which locks in rates for life), T-Mobile is really looking to stick it to the big guys — namely AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Galaxy S6

Although we don’t have official pricing for the Galaxy S6, a contest currently running on T-Mobile’s website is giving away four Galaxy S6 smartphones (which we’re assuming is the 32GB model) and lists the actual retail value of each at $699.

Interestingly, Legere made no mention of the Galaxy S6 Edge being included in the promotion, but given the fact that it will carry an even loftier price than the Galaxy S6, we’d imagine that it would also qualify. Perhaps Legere just ran out of characters to include the Galaxy S6 Edge in his tweet…