T-Mobile Offers Unlimited 4G LTE Data Upgrade For ‘Select’ Customers

T-Mobile has a new trick up its sleeve that may be a precursor to its Uncarrier 9.0 event that is scheduled for March 18 in good ‘ol New York City. According to a limited number of customers that have received a text from T-Mobile, some of their phone lines are getting a complimentary upgrade to unlimited 4G LTE data (for a limited time).

John Legere

The text that customers received directs customers to a T-Mobile promotions pages that states:

To thank you for being a loyal customer, some lines on your account are being upgraded to Unlimited 4G LTE data, starting April 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015—at no extra cost and with no action required! Surf, shop, and stream with no limits on our nationwide 4G LTE network.

With this upgrade, starter stash and Data Stash will go away because with Unlimited high speed data there’s no need to roll your data forward. To keep your current plans, text "STASH" to 1508 by 3/17.

As you can see in the text above, recently introduced features like Starter Stash and Data Stash have been nixed. After all, who needs a rainy day fund for data when you have an unlimited swimming pool to dive into? If you’re a T-Mobile customer and haven’t already received the text, then we’re sorry; you’re simply out of luck.

Of course, there are some restrictions that you should know about before hopping on this promotional offer. Your existing data allowance for device tethering carries over and you will lose access to Rhapsody unRadio. In addition, once the promotional period ends on December 31, you will reverted back to your old plan.