PSUs from Enermax, 865P and 915P 775 Mobos, and Oveclocking with SLI!

Morning there folks, you've got a sleepy JeffB checking in with your latest news bit.  A couple of nights ago I picked up HL2 so I could use it in future benchmarks. Surely, I took a few minutes to see how it played, even though time is precious these days.  Needless to say, it's been 2 days since I bought the game and I would say I've invested about 10 hours in gameplay ;)  What can I say, it's awesome, with amazing realism.  After a bit of a let down with Doom 3, it's nice to be pleasantly surprised after spending $50 on a game.  Get it, you won't be sorry!  Next up is a bit of the news, and don't forget, if you see something you think we should post, let us know.  Just click the link at the upper right of any news post called "Submit News".

865P and 915P chipset for Socket 775 @ Madshrimps:

"Socket 775 has given the troubled Prescott Pentium4 a much needed shot in the arm. With better voltage regulation and a new socket interface, we have hope this will cure what ails the Prescott CPU. Today we look at two viable alternatives for those looking to get into socket 775, without having to sell of a kidney to finance the transition."

Enermax EG701AX-VE(W)SFMA V2.0 600 Watt PSU @ BigBruin:

"With computers having more and more hard drives, optical drives, video cards with huge power requirements and even the possibility of running dual video cards with SLI, what is enough power when it comes to your PSU? Even more important, the quality of the power the power supply puts out can mean the difference between a stable machine and one you have to fight to keep running."

Extreme Overclocking w/ ASUS A8N SLI @ VRZONE:

"As I was overclocking on the Asus A8N SLI board, I had 58mm of space between graphics card 1 and graphics card 2. Therefore, I had to devise a cooler to fit in between this space factoring insulation, etc. Phase-change was the best bet for me so I went onto building the phase-change cooler for the card."

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