PS5 Update Adds DualSense Controller Enhancements, Better Screen Sharing And More

ps5 beta dualsense body

Sony is currently working on an update that will bring several improvements to its DualSense controllers, enhancements to the Share Screen feature. and options to customize the lighting on its console. The update is entering the beta phase now and will be rolling out to users enrolled in the beta program, with Sony saying that the update will make its way to the rest of the user base in the coming months.

The DualSense controller’s communications features will be improved with this update. The speaker on the controller will be able to reach higher volume levels, which should make it easier for gamers to hear game related sounds and voice chats coming through. The microphone will also be getting a boost thanks for AI, with Sony saying that “background noise from button presses and game audio are suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience.”

The Share Screen feature where users can share what’s happening on their screen to get help from someone else is getting some useful new tools. Users will be able to use emoji and pointers while interacting with the stream. This will make it easier to communicate any tips or helpful hints as someone else is playing. These features will be enabled by default, but users can disable them if they want to.

ps5 beta dualsense hero1

Lastly, PlayStation 5 owners will finally be able to customize the console’s power indication light. It will be possible to change the brightness of the light between three options, Dim, Medium, or Bright (Standard). Having an option to completely disable the light would’ve been great for users who have the console in a bedroom, but at least there is going to be some level of control.

While it’s always exciting to see fancy new features, it’s also a good thing when solid quality of life updates make their way out to users. Hopefully the beta phase goes smoothly, and these enhancements make their way to all users, sooner rather than later.