2024 PlayStation State Of Play's Best Game Reveals: Ranking The Top Five

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During the first State of Play of 2024, Sony showed off several titles that are coming to the PlayStation ecosystem this year and beyond. There’s a lot for PlayStation 5 owners to look forward to, and PlayStation VR2 owners will finally be getting something new to jump into. Here are the 5 games that stood out the most from the event.

5. Rise of the Ronin
Gamers will be going back to 19th century Japan as the country is beginning to open up to the West in Rise of the Ronin, developed by the legendary Team Ninja. Traversal is a key selling point in this game as players will be using a grappling rope to move around the city, and can break out a glider called an “Avicula” to get more distance. Of course, slicing and dicing enemies is the primary gameplay in this third-person action title.

4. Silent Hill 2 (Remake)
Fans have been waiting a long time for a remake of this classic horror title, and we finally got to get a glimpse during the State of Play. It’s mostly looking like a solid effort by the development team and has eased some fears among the fanbase that was worried the game’s developer might not be up for it.

3. Judas
Ken Levine, one of the original creators of the Thief and BioShock franchises, is finally back with a new game. Judas will feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played any of the BioShock games, but it’s definitely taking a new angle when it comes to the game world and its story. Unfortunately, this one looks like it might not make it out in 2024, but hopefully it does.

2. Metro Awakening VR
PlayStation VR2 owners have every right to feel as if they’ve been left out in the cold by Sony. However, it looks like they will finally be getting a legit AAA gaming experience with Metro Awakening VR. The game seems to be bringing everything there is to love about the franchise over to VR in a meaningful and interactive way.

1. Death Stranding 2 On the Beach
Death Stranding 2 On the Beach is shaping up to be quite the experience, which shouldn’t be surprising as it’s coming from the mind of industry darling Hideo Kojima. The story will pick up where the first game left off, and seemingly dial up the “interesting” to 11. This trailer is longer than most, but it’s worth the watch even if you're not interested in the game just to enjoy Kojima's bizarre spectacle.

While these are our top five picks, there were many more titles on display during the 45-minute livestream. You can check out the full State of Play stream on the official PlayStation YouTube channel here. Alternatively, check out this list of the rest of the games shown off during the event:
  • Dave the Diver's Godzilla DLC
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2
  • Foamstars
  • Helldivers 2
  • Legendary Tales
  • Silent Hill: The Short Message
  • Sonic X Shadow Generations
  • Stellar Blade