PS5 Slim Bundle Deals With Spider-Man 2 Or Modern Warfare III For Just $499 Are Live

PS5 Slim Spider-Man 2 console bundle (retail box) on a black and red background.
Sony promised that its slimmed down PlayStation 5 console would be available to purchase in time for the holidays, and sure enough it's now listed at several retailers. Even better, Sony and its retail partners are offering some sweet bundle deals. Specifically, you can pick up a 'PS5 Slim' with either Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III included.

First things first—while we and others are calling the lighter-weight console a PS5 Slim, Sony is not. Instead, Sony simply states it is a "new look for the PS5 console" that will replace the bigger models it's been churning out since the PS5 released three years ago. Recent teardown videos highlight the size difference, and also the fact that the newest iteration doesn't sport a die shrink like every previous Slim refresh did.

Nomenclature out of the way, now is your chance to score the latest revision and get a free game to boot. The PS5 Slim + Spider-Man bundle is available for $499.99 at Best Buy. There's also a listing on Amazon, but right now it's only be sold by a third-party seller and for $100 more.

The bundle includes the latest iteration of the PS5 with a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, horizontal stand (vertical stand is not included), 1TB of storage, wireless DualSense controller, various cables and documentation, and a digital voucher to claim Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

PS5 Modern Warfare III console bundle (retail box) on a gray gradient background.

You can also score a PS5 Slim + Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle, priced at $499.99 on Amazon (same price on Best Buy, in case it sells out). Likewise, this bundle offer also includes the refreshed PS5 with features and goodies, but it comes with a digital voucher for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III instead of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. So it basically boils down to which game you prefer. Either way, this is a better deal than buying a non-bundle, as there's no difference in pricing.

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