Sony's Sweet Translucent Blue Limited Edition PS4 Pro Now On Sale

Sony announced earlier this month that it was tossing a very cool and limited edition PS4 Pro console onto the market to celebrate the sale of 500 million PS4 consoles since launch. The limited-edition PS4 offering is translucent blue with copper-colored accents, and it looks very cool. Anyone hoping to get their hands on this console, of which only 50,000 are available, didn’t get all the details that they wanted when the console debuted.

ps4 pro 500 LE 2

The key bit of information that was lacking with the announcement was how much the console would cost. Sony's translucent limited-edition console carries an MSRP of $499.99. For the price gamers get the same stuff they would get in a normal PS4 Pro bundle, only with a cool seethrough blue chassis. That means a DualShock 4 controller that is translucent blue like the console. The package also includes a PlayStation Camera, a mono headset, and a vertical stand.

ps4 pro 500 LE 3

Another tidbit we didn’t know at the initial announcement was where you would be able to go to get your mitts on one of these rigs. GameStop announced that it would have a limited allotment of the translucent bundles available for purchase, but the site is currently showing "sold out". 

ps4 pro 500 LE 4

If GameStop isn’t your thing, other retailers are offering the bundle including Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. It's worth noting that the Amazon listing is currently defaulting to third-party sellers and price gouging has pushed the price to $1,399.88 and above. As of writing the Best Buy landing page says sold out and the Target landing page says "coming soon."