Printer Ink Like Liquid Gold

Having just gone out for some last minute stocking stuffers for my significant (very significant if I know what's good for me) other, I can totally relate to this headline and story.  I purchased 6 cartridges in total for an HP Photosmart 8450 printer and it cost me over $170.  Now mind you, the printer itself, almost a full year ago now, cost me like $110.

PopPhoto comments on HP's (and many others) racket in the ink business.  You think it's about selling printers?  Guess again.  The ink biz pulls in more profit than a high-end Cat House a when ship full of Navy boys pulls up to port.  

"$10,000 per gallon of ink? OPEC, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! -- Currently, HP's Magenta ink for its Photosmart 8200 series sells for $9.99 at most stores along with the required Y, Lc, Lm, B, and C inks at the same price. However, HP only puts 3.5ml in the M cartridge, 4ml in the C, 5.5ml in the Lc and Lm, and 6ml in the Y. Do the math and the Magenta ink is $2.85/ml (compared to $1.15/ml for all colors in Canon's Chromalife #8 ink set and $1/ml for its #6 inks). Ok, HP's inks may produce prints that last longer than Canon's, but there are 3,785 ml in a gallon, making the final price for magenta ink an astronomical $10,788/gal! "

I'm in the wrong business.  Gotta figure out how to make me some of that magenta lovin'.  Ought to be easy enough!

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