How To Score Great Free Games On Amazon’s Prime Gaming Service

prime gaming gives free games and loot
Between Epic Games dropping free games and Steam’s epic sales, your game library across several platforms is likely quite full. However, Amazon also offers some sweet games and loot for free through the Prime Gaming platform that you may have missed. As such, we’ll show you how to get in and reap the gaming rewards from simply having Amazon Prime.

Before Twitch went under Amazon in full, there used to be Twitch Prime, giving perks like a free subscription on Twitch and other gaming benefits. Now, Prime Gaming is the rebranded version of Twitch Prime, which has expanded what you can gain from the platform. To get into this program, you first need to have an Amazon Prime subscription and link your Twitch and Amazon accounts by going into the Prime Gaming website and logging in with your Prime-enabled Amazon account. You can then link your Twitch account(s) and other gaming accounts to collect rewards through this site.

drops prime gaming gives free games and loot
These rewards include whole games for free, such as Frostpunk, Morkredd, and others which cycle in and out month to month. Moreover, you can collect in-game content like chests and capsules for League of Legends, money in GTA Online, and cosmetics for games like New World, Fall Guys, and Call of Duty. Of course, you may have to go and download a new games launcher or link other accounts, but the free swag and loot are worth the minimal legwork you may be required to do.

Another nice feature of Prime Gaming is that you can wait for a good freebie to come up and then do the trial of Amazon Prime for 30 days to get the stuff for free. Alternatively, if you are a college student or at least have a .edu email, you can pick up Amazon Prime Student at $6.49 a month or $59 a year, saving you $40 over the regular Amazon Prime price.

Whatever way you acquire Amazon Prime, the offers that Prime Gaming serves up are certainly worthwhile. Thus, if you happen to pick up Prime Gaming, let us know what you snag from the platform in the comments below.