Pre-MacWorld Rumors

There are few companies that can generate as much interest in upcoming products as Apple.  That said, let's take a look at some of the pre-MacWorld '08 hardware rumors.  Do keep in mind that these are all rumors until we hear otherwise.

First up is the Newton.  It seems doubtful that the new Newton tablet will be making it's debut at the show:

“In its current form, the Newton device -- sometimes dubbed a Mac tablet or slate -- has been described along the lines of a larger iPod touch or iPhone rather than an Apple adaptation of the modern day tablet PC.

When the project does come to fruition, it's expected to leverage a more advanced implementation of Apple's multi-touch technology, featuring concepts and functionality not yet available on the company's iPhone and iPod touch handhelds.

Apple is instead expected to use next week's Macworld Expo to focus on Mac notebooks, iTunes content distribution, and iPhone advancements.”

While we are expecting to see a slim & light notebook targeting professionals, we're not entirely sure how big of a splash it will make.

So what about the iPhone?  The long rumored 3G iPhone might make its debut or Apple might just release an iPhone with more storage capacity, or both.

Last but not least, there's been a rumor that the AppleTV will see a major upgrade, probably to support the rumored Apple video rental service.  We'll keep our fingers crossed on this one.
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