PQI and TwinMOS debut U3 flash disks

AT CES, PQI and TwinMOS showed off their latest offerings including U3 flash disks.  U3 flash disk technology allows for users to take their personal programs and run them on any PC.  PQI's model comes with McAfee AV preinstalled in sizes of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB.  TwinMOS will offer 1 and 2 GB models with no word on preinstalled software.  So you're not going to be able to take all of your applications with you, but a custom browser and e-mail client can be useful for those who travel and don't want to lug a laptop around.

The company plans to officially launch the drive in February, with the enterprise market and students being the target customers. The drive will be first launched in the US market and will also be available in Taiwan in the first quarter of 2006. TwinMOS also recently debuted its U3 flash disk (Mobile Disk), with the company planning to gradually roll out the Mobile Disk globally this quarter. The device will be available in capacities of 1GB and 2GB.