PowerColor Radeon Press Releases

PowerColor X1950 Brings Gaming Graphics to yet another Level
No compromise on today's most demanding 3D games

Taipei, Taiwan - August 23, 2006 - Tul Corporation, a leading provider of ATI-based graphic cards, today announced the PowerColor X1950 XTX and CrossFire graphic cards; raising the bar for the world's fastest graphics solution. The latest from PowerColor uses state-of-the-art architecture with a powerful graphics processing unit along with a revamped cooling system and incorporation of GDDR4 memory.

"The PowerColor X1950 XTX and CrossFireTM catapults us to the forefront of top performing graphics solution." says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. "The visual experience from this setup is absolutely amazing, leaving no compromise for any details with today's most demanding resolutions."  READ MORE...


PowerColor X1650 Pro & X1300XT in the Top of their Class
Mainstream & Entry-Level Models Benefiting from Recent Technological Break-Throughs

Taipei, Taiwan - August 23, 2006 - Tul Corporation, a leading provider of ATI-based  graphic cards, today announced the PowerColor X1650 Pro and PowerColor X1300XT. Both models provide the best of what is offered at their respective price categories by outstripping previous category leaders in terms of price-performance.

PowerColor X1650 Pro comes at an unprecedented 600MHz core, running 1400MHz of 256MB 128-bit DDR3 memory; specifications previously unheard of in this price range.  Meanwhile, the PowerColor X1300XT core runs at 500HMz, with 800MHz of 256MB 128-bit DDR2 memory. This particular model should become a favorite of the entry-level category, especially with its ability to provide unsurpassed value with huge overclocking potential. READ MORE...