Pokemon Themed Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Are Real But Good Luck Buying Them

pokemon samsung
Samsung has released the Pokemon Monster Ball Buzz Cover Edition, which includes a Poke Ball and Pokemon stickers. But don't get too excited just yet, because you may not be able to catch this one at all.

Late last month, Samsung announced its Pokemon-themed Galaxy Z Flip3 set. It labeled it as the "greatest collaboration ever." That particular Pokemon bundle includes a Pokemon-themed device (with a Pokemon Custom Pack), a Pikachu Clear Cover Set, a Pikachu keychain, and a Poke Ball stand similar to a PopSocket. Much like the Galaxy Z Flip3 offering, the Pokemon Monster Ball will be limited in quantity and only available in certain countries (currently only in South Korea).

The Pokemon Monster Ball Buzz Cover package comes with a Poke Ball case designed to store a pair of Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy Buds Live. However, it isn't clear if the Poke Ball will also charge a pair of Galaxy Buds. Along with the Poke Ball, you will also get Pokemon-themed stickers that you can use to adorn anything you like.

samsung pokemon

This is not the first time a company has created a collaboration with Pokemon. Razer launched a similar one that included a pair of bright yellow Pikachu-themed wireless earbuds that docked inside a similar style Poke Ball. One thing that may differ between Razer's offering and Samsung's, is that Razer's Poke Ball actually charges the earbuds.

The Pokemon-themed earbuds are currently only available in South Korea and are said to be a limited edition. If you happen to live in South Korea, or have connections there, the current price is 134,000 won (around $105). As of right now, there is no word as to whether or not Samsung will make them available outside of South Korea. Also, the product is currently showing out of stock and that "The product is being prepared."

It is not recommended for anyone who happens to be fortunate enough to get their hands on a Samsung Poke Ball to actually throw it in an attempt to catch a wild Pokemon (just in case any of you were already thinking about it). It also interesting to note that the Manufacturer/Importer of the Pokemon Monster Ball Buzz Cover Edition is Hohoho Co., Ltd. So who knows. Some of you may get very lucky and have a Poke Ball put in your stocking this year.

Top Image Courtesy of Samsung