Plusedeck PC Cassette Deck, X-Mystique Sound Card and Others

What's happening friends?  With the sun just about to set, I figured this was a good time to crack a beverage and sit on the deck to enjoy the fine scenery with the latest news from around the net.  Why don't you follow suit, and settle in for a while?

 Plusdeck 2 PC Cassette Deck @ Bjorn3D

"It is not that often that I come across a product that has such a narrow target audience like the BTO Plusdeck 2. In short, it is a product that allows you to play old cassette tapes on your PC, record from cassette to PC and record music onto cassettes from the PC. Considering a lot of today's young computer users haven't even seen a cassette tape, you probably now understand why this isn't a product for everyone."

 X-Mystique 7.1 Gold Sound Card Review @ nV News

"When the nForce3 chipset was released, I was left with out surround sound gaming as my speaker system only allows for 5.1 input over coax or optical S/PDIF interface. The Soundstorm was over. HDA has returned Dolby Digital Live back to the PC marketplace with the X-Mystique 7.1 Gold and BlueGears will be bringing the C-Media
CMI8768 powered sound card to the US market."

 Saitek Eclipse PC Keyboard Review @ 3DXtreme

"Today 3DXtreme is proud to present our latest review, we are taking a look at the newest product from our friends over at Saitek. The Saitek Gaming Keyboard was a huge hit with the gaming community, the only flaw that product had was while it was backlit, it was still impossible to see the actual keys. Saitek went back to the drawing board to right this wrong thus the evolution of the Gaming Keyboard to the new Saitek Eclipse."

 PimpRig Review: Logisys Alien 2.1 PC Speakers

"This is purely a plug and play item. It works on all channels; the left, right, and bass are surprisingly good. With the volume down there is no audible distortion and midrange was just as good. What surprised me the most was with the volume maxed. There was a little distortion with some crackling, but when turned down just a notch it cleared right up!"

 Neoseeker Post: WinHEC Dual Core Analysis

"[...] n represents a processor with the highest clockspeed and each stepping is a 200 Mhz drop. A concrete example would be the FX-55 at 2.6 Ghz which would be n; n -1 would be a processor at 2.4 Ghz, n-2 would be 2.2 Ghz etc. Note that scaling back two steps is roughly a 40% reduction in power consumption. Because of the doubling of transistors however, heat output remains is actually a bit lower on the dual core 'n-2' processor whe compared to a top of the line single core processor with clockspeed n."

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