PlayStation VR Launch Bundle With Camera And Move Controllers Priced At $499, Preorders Open March 22nd

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Sony announced that its PlayStation VR headset will arrive in October, and the barebones kit will set you back a hefty $399. However, Sony carefully pointed out that the $399 price point doesn’t include one particular accessory that is mandatory for the PlayStation VR to function: the PlayStation Camera.

PlayStation VR Gamers
Gamers at this week's GDC In San Francisco strapped into PlayStation VR

Sony’s official reasoning for not including the PlayStation Camera is that most PS4 gamers already have the accessory (although we find that hard to believe). Whatever the case, Sony has announced a new PlayStation VR Launch Bundle that includes everything that you need to experience virtual reality on your PS4.

The bundle includes everything in the PlayStation VR Core Bundle (which we detailed earlier this week), a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and a PlayStation VR Worlds disc. And just how much will this bundle cost you when all is said and done? Sony says that the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle will be priced at $499, which at first seems like a pretty alarming price tag for what is essentially a console accessory.

playstation vr 2

However, if you were to purchase the PlayStation Camera and two Move controllers separately, that would add $160 to the cost of the PlayStation VR Core Bundle. So, you can just look at it as a $60 savings with a demo disc thrown in for good measure to make you feel better.

Preorders for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle will open up on March 22nd at 10:00am EST at “participating retailers,” which likely means the usual suspects like Best Buy, Newegg and Amazon. For our Canadian neighbors, the launch bundle will be viable for $700 CAD.