PlayStation UK Drops A Bomb On Gamers And Squashes A Long-Running DualShock Debate

Gamers all around the world know the familiar PlayStation DualShock controller that has been included with the consoles since they launched years ago. On the right side of those controllers are the familiar four buttons that have shapes on them, and over the years, one of the shapes has been debated for its proper name.

playstation controller buttons

The triangle, circle, square buttons are clear and straightforward with no debate about what they are called. Where the debate comes for some gamers is the in the name of the bottom button of the quartet with the "X" symbol many call the "Ex" button. While many think it looks like the letter "X," PlayStation UK has chimed in and settled the debate once and for all. PlayStation UK says that the button is supposed to be called the Cross.

The revelation was made via the official PlayStation UK Twitter account with the names for the buttons called out as Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square. The tweet also said if the Cross button is called X, what are you calling circle. It's a decent point. No one has ever called the circle button the "O" button. One comment on the Tweet noted that a Cross has the same distance between each stick and forms a square, something many Christians might disagree with. The "X" doesn't have the same distance between each stick and forms a rectangle.

As with any debate on the internet, someone has waded in with a different name for the button that has a bit of weight behind it. One comment showed a picture of the circuit board inside a PlayStation controller that has printed names on the board for the buttons. They are called out as triangle, circle, square, and fork. The PS5 will have the same symbols on its controller, but the console will have an SSD inside for the first time. That SSD will significantly improve load times says one developer.