The PlayStation 5's Ultra-Fast SSD Will Revolutionize Gaming Says Game Dev

Game load times are one place where game developers are looking to make things faster for gamers, rather than making them wait, breaking the immersion. In challenging games where players die a lot on the screen, faster load times mean less of a frustrating wait as the player respawns and the level loads again. Load times will be significantly improved with the PlayStation 5, according to a game developer called BoxFrog Games, thanks to the system's SSD-based storage subsystem.


BoxFrog is developing a game that will launch soon called Lost Wing, which is a futuristic flight arcade game. Developer Tim Ash from Box Frog recently talked about Lost Wing before moving on to other topics in his chat. He was asked about an SSD being included in the PS5. He said that the inclusion of an SSD was a bigger deal than most people realize.

Ash noted that when he plays Lost Wing, there is a lot of respawning and therefore a lot of reloading. Ash also noted that while the game is "very prompt" on load times after the initial load, adding in a high-performance SSD for the PS5 means that gamers will see a larger general performance increase and more immersion than "a lot of people realize." That should mean gamers who are just coming up a learning curve and tend to die a lot won't get as frustrated having to wait a long time for a reload each time they try and respawn to fight again.

In June, Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan touted the fast SSD that the PS5 will bring and the fact that it will support 4K 120Hz output. Pricing on the PS5 is a mystery as Sony has only said that the price will be "appealing" given the advanced feature set the PS5 will offer. We do know that the PS5 will use AMD hardware inside, specifically a Zen 2-based CPU and Navi graphics of some sort.

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