Full PlayStation 4 Cross-Play With Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Becomes A Reality

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers
Call it one small step for PlayStation 4 owners and one giant leap for gamers, as Sony has opened the door for cross platform gameplay. Or shall we say, opened it a bit wider—Sony actually relented to Epic Games around this same time a year ago by allowing an open beta enabling cross-play in Fortnite between the PS4 and Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

At first, Sony was resistant to the idea, citing the PS4's supposed superiority over other platforms as the reason why. Sony also admitted at the time that it was not a technical barrier preventing it from embracing open play, just that the "PlayStation [4] is the best place to play."

Sony would later backpedal by saying "enabling cross-play isn't just about flipping a switch" and that it has to look at these things from a "technical point of view." Either way, Sony has dragged its feet in embracing a feature many gamers desperately want.

At least things are progressing, though. According to Wired, cross-play support on the PS4 has officially moved out of the beta stage. As the report goes, this is not something Sony is announcing, but it does mean the PS4 can support cross-play on any games that developers build the feature into.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will likely become the first major game to support cross-play on the PS4. Nothing has been announced in that regard either, but it's interesting that the Modern Warfare beta debuted on the PS4 first, before extending to the Xbox One and PC. Infinity Ward also beta tested cross-play in Modern Warfare during the second weekend of its open beta.

As things currently stand, cross-play support is not completely barren on the PS4, though the list of titles is disappointingly small. It includes Fortnite, Paladins, PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds, Rocket League, and just a few other games. Hopefully the list will now quickly expand, if Sony has in fact finally flipped that switch.