Playstation 3 Sales In The Toilet

HotHardware could tell you all about the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. We could bring you the news from there that Sony announced a device that would let users record and store live television on their Playstation 3 game console. We could mention that programming saved in this fashion could then be transferred to a Playstation Portable for viewing, if you so desired. We might point out that the device is capable of handling high-definition broadcasts as well.  We might continue with an examination of the comparitively lackluster sales of the Playstation 3 compared to its competition, the X-box 360 and the Wii.  We might assess how the added functionality of turning the Sony console into a sort of DVR, in addition to its gaming capabilities, might help Sony to boost sales and profitability.

But we're not going to do any of that. We're just going to show you a picture of how Sony has chosen to promote their product at the show -- by having prospective users sit on toilets and and look at screens on the floor in front of them. As far as we're concerned, this means Sony has given up on two-player gameplay. We don't know what else to make of it.

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