Playstation 3 Problems and Second Batch

DigiTimes reports that Sony's latest Playstation 3 game console is experiencing a fair amount of issues ranging from overheating to a lack of proper resolution scaling. Although some users are having trouble in terms of the unit being properly cooled and in some cases even having the unit turn on, the largest problem appears to be a lack of the console being able to upscale 720p games up to 1080i. Those gaming with an HDTV which supports 1080i and not 720p will be forced to watch their games at a mere 480p until Sony can provide a solution. Fortunately, Sony does have a solution for the lack of systems in the retail channel as a second batch of Playstation 3 consoles will be hitting stores in the beginning of December.

Problems related to overheating and inability to start the machine were reported since the PS3 launched in mid-November. Reports have circulated recently in the US retail market saying that when used with older high-definition (HD) TVs that support only a 1080i resolution, the PS3 displays 720p resolution games at only 480p. Sources at Sony said this problem could be caused by a firmware problem and that the company will resolve the problem as soon as possible.