PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Limited To 30 FPS On Xbox One X But Could Hit 60 FPS Later


Do you even battle royale, bro? Many people do, thanks to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the highly popular battle royale shooter that is getting a full release out of Steam's early access in a couple of weeks, on PC and Xbox One consoles. If you own an Xbox One X, you may have been excited to hear that PUBG will run at 60 frames per second, though designer Brendan Greene shared some bad news about that on Twitter.

After reports surfaced that PUBG would run at 60 FPS on the Xbox One X, Greene set the record straight on Twitter, saying it will actually run at 30 FPS on all Xbox systems, including the Xbox One X. Drats!
Greene, who is the PlayerUnknown from the game's title, had previously stated PUBG would run at a higher FPS on Xbox One X via the Xbox Game Preview service, and even stated as much in a magazine interview from the November 194 issue of Games.

"Definitely on Xbox One X, 60 FPS, Green said. "One Xbox One, we're not sure. We may have to limit it at 30 FPS, maybe, but the last time I saw it, it was running at about 30 to 40 [FPS]. We're still constantly improving it so, you know, the aim is to get to 60 [FPS]. That's why we're doing Game Preview, because I think the great thing about console is it's a locked hardware system, so we can do really specific tweaks that tune it for those systems."

PUBG Screenshot

Plans have changed, perhaps because getting a consistent 60 FPS on consoles has proved a tougher challenge than originally anticipated. That said, Greene added that he has "great faith" he and his team will get to 60 FPS, though he also said frame rate is not as important in a game like PUBG, as opposed to a twitch shooter.

Microsoft is billing PUBG as a "console launch exclusive." It releases on December 12, at which time it will also exist Steam's early access program on PC. It's not clear if there will be a version ported to PlayStation 4 at a later date.