PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Take A 30GB Chunk Out Of Your Xbox One X HDD


The highly popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) game is releasing to Xbox One and Xbox One X next month, and as such, retailers have started placing empty boxes of the title on store shelves. One thing that stands out about the box art is a blurb mentioning that PUGB requires up to 30 gigabytes of storage. Whether that is actually the case remains to be seen, but gamers should prepare appropriately, especially Xbox One X gamers.

It should be noted that Steam also lists 30GB of free space for PUBG on PC, though at present the unfinished title only takes up 8GB of storage when fully installed. That could change over time, though it is hard to imagine that the final product will require nearly four times as much storage. It is more likely that developer Bluehole Studio is taking into account future updates that might be in the pipeline.

PUBG Box Art

As to the storage requirement on consoles, there could be differences in the two versions (PC and Xbox One) that ultimately cause the Xbox One to require more space, such as exclusive content. There is just no way of knowing at this point. As a point of reference, Forza Motorsport 7 launched with Xbox One X support, with the box art recommending 99GB of storage. The storage requirement actually ended up being very close to that on the Xbox One X, with an install taking up 95GB.

One thing to note about PUBG is that the retail box release will contain a 25-digit key to redeem to the game through Xbox Live. What that mean is no matter which version you purchase, you will be looking at a full download over Xbox Live.

PUBG will update to version 1.0 by the time it releases to Xbox One on December 12. Unfortunately, it will not support crossplay between Xbox One and PC, though it is something Bluehole Studios has been looking at. The developer might also port a version over to PlayStation 4, as it wants to reach as many gamers as possible, but for now Microsoft has an exclusivity agreement to keep PUBG on Xbox One and Windows PCs only.